MDF® Lenus® Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
MDF® Lenus® Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
MDF® Lenus® Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

MDF® Lenus® Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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With the largest screen size in its class, MDF® Lenus® is a fully-automatic digital blood pressure monitor that delivers fast, reliable measurements of systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse. Though it is designed for the medical professional requirements in a hospital setting, it is also easy enough for a home user to measure blood pressure in the comfort of their home.

  • LARGEST DIGITAL DISPLAY: The impressive super-large screen size with big high-contrast letters provides easier viewing for or visually-impaired users.
  • RECORD PREVIOUS RESULT: It stores up to 120 prior measurements in 2 zones, so users can track their blood pressure readings over time.
  • UNIVERSAL CUFFS: Sized to meet American Heart Association recommendations, the adult Velcro® cuff is constructed of high-molecular polymer nylon, and features a D-ring.
  • BOLD DESIGN: Fully-automatic operation, the arm features one-touch allowing you to quickly and easily check your blood pressure in the comfort of your own home, office, or while traveling.
  • CODED FROM SCRATCH SOFTWARE: Lenus® software was programmed specifically for the hardware to accommodate each of the hardware requirements.
  • HAND-SELECTED HARDWARE: Hand-selected hardware components from the best of the breed to perform to the criteria that have been set out to build the Lenus®.



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